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Sagar Naik, Piyu Tripathy

We have written this book to introduce students and software professionals to the
fundamental ideas in testing theory, testing techniques, testing practices, and quality
assurance. Undergraduate students in software engineering, computer science, and
computer engineering with no prior experience in the software industry will be
introduced to the subject matter in a step-by-step manner. Practitioners too will
benefit from the structured presentation and comprehensive nature of the materials.
Graduate students can use the book as a reference resource. After reading the whole
book, the reader will have a thorough understanding of the following topics:
• Fundamentals of testing theory and concepts
• Practices that support the production of quality software
• Software testing techniques
• Life-cycle models of requirements, defects, test cases, and test results
• Process models for unit, integration, system, and acceptance testing
• Building test teams, including recruiting and retaining test engineers
• Quality models, capability maturity model, testing maturity model, and test
process improvement model



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