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Peter Farrell-Vinay

This book is written for:
• Testers who want to become test managers and need to get a new perspective on all the things
they already know.
• Test managers who want answers to some very pressing questions all in one place.
• Project managers who want to know what they should expect from their test team, what they can
do with it, and what it will mean.
• Quality assurance staff who want to know what to look for in a testing environment and how to
measure it when they find it.
• Lecturers who realize that test management is another critical role which can mean the difference
between success and failure on a project, and which might form the basis of a new course.
• Investment analysts who want to know what might go wrong with their investments, why, and
how to stop it.
• Project office staff who want to know how to integrate the information they get from the test team.
• Auditors fed up with being pilloried by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board and
worried that something about Sarbanes–Oxley might have escaped them.



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