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The purpose of this standard is to describe a set of basic software test documents. A standardized test document
can facilitate communication by providing a common frame of reference (e.g., a customer and a supplier have the same definition for a test plan). The content definition of a standardized test document can
serve as a completeness checklist for the associated testing process. A standardized set can also provide a
baseline for the evaluation of current test documentation practices. In many organizations, the use of these
documents significantly increases the manageability of testing. Increased manageability results from the
greatly increased visibility of each phase of the testing process.
This standard specifies the form and content of individual test documents. It does not specify the required set
of test documents. It is assumed that the required set of test documents will be specified when the standard is
applied. Annex B contains an example of such a set specification.
The readers of this standard are referred to Annex C for guidelines for using this standard to meet the
requirements of IEEE/EIA 12207.1-1997.


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